Becoming Spiritually Strong

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In this day and age being spiritually strong isn’t optional if you want to experience a life of conviction, clarity, direction and have an immovable foundation in truth and light. Having a spiritually strong center is a vital and necessary element of a purpose driven life. Charlotte combines her professional experience, helping people to heal mind, body and spirit for over a decade, with 30 inspired stories from individuals giving evidence to the power of Divine Communication, Faith and Forgiveness- all with a Christian viewpoint. In this book you’ll learn powerful insights such as:

  • Discover your unique divine communication style
  • Manage negative thoughts and emotions
  • What it takes to move forward confidently in faith
  • How to use the power of forgiveness to heal your heart and relationships and so much more!

Integrate the proven actions steps within this book and propel your life to all new spiritual heights!

Charlotte is a licensed massage and energy therapist, speaker and author. Since her professional experience began in 2005, she has helped thousands of individuals, both one on one and in group settings, to heal in mind, body and spirit. Charlotte’s passion continues in her audios, online courses, one on one sessions, retreats and books.

Charlotte is the creator of the audio and accompanying online program, “Clear, Connect, Create: Developing and Nurturing Divine Communication” as well as the audio “Empowering Kids with Emotional Wellness.” Charlotte is also the creator of “The 6 Pillars of Alignment” program. Her writings have been featured in several publications, including book compilations and magazines. In 2016 Charlotte and her husband, Kevin, were honored to be featured on the TV show and magazine Inside Out as a powerhouse couple that successfully balances business and family.

Charlotte has dedicated her life to helping individuals become spiritually strong, awaken to their divine purpose and to heal at the core level of their physical or emotional pain for long lasting, true healing. When she’s not performing healing sessions or teaching, you'll find Charlotte caring for her 4 young children and spending time with her handsome husband, Kevin. You can learn more at



Charlotte is a masterful seeker of truth and shares her brilliance with you in every page. Mysteries of God lay at your fingertips! Simple, yet powerful techniques gave a deeper perspective of truths I thought I already knew. Answers to the questions of, “How do I..” are revealed in each captivating section. Be ready for your eyes to be opened to the beautiful truth of God’s enduring love for you. Be ready for your life, and your heart to change.
— Carolee Waddoups
This book reached into my soul and strengthened my resolve to be stronger when I’d been feeling so lost, sad and weakened by the opposition I felt from the world and the adversary. Her words are a gift and a comfort. They gave me the strength to be more valiant and true to myself and who I really am and what I’m doing in my life. The Holy Ghost witnessed many truths between these pages. Where I was lacking spiritually, I feel hopeful now because Charlotte conveys such love and testimony of the gospel. She speaks without guile and with kindness and love. She reminds us how we must nourish our souls as well as our bodies. Anyone who reads this book will be forever changed by it. I feel renewed sense of love for myself and for my Father in Heaven after reading Charlotte’s book. I highly recommend “Becoming Spiritually Strong.” It’s a life changing, inspiring book that you won’t want to miss!
— Valora A. Otis
Charlotte’s insightful book has inspired me with practical ideas to aid in improving my life! I appreciate the wisdom shared and the encouragement that she gives the reader, in ways to connect to the Divine. I plan to re-read this book in the future!
— Beth Anne Grasteit

Foreword by Meg Johnson

In a world where the darkness seems to be getting thicker, Becoming Spiritually Strong and its author Charlotte Varble offer fresh rays of light and understanding. Charlotte’s sincerity and authentic sweetness immediately engage the reader as she shares deeply inspired truths that are nothing short of life-changing. That may sound like an extravagant promise, but I assure you that it is not. Having met with Charlotte on several occasions and having put into practice the counsel found in her book, I can tell you that my life has been elevated to new levels of success—in every aspect.

Proposing three keys to becoming spiritually strong, Charlotte gently guides the reader to understand how to better receive personal revelation, and to develop the gift of divine communication. She teaches us about the nature of faith, how to grow in faith, and to understand what is necessary to unlock its power. She demonstrates how to forgive and be forgiven as that forgiveness applies to others, to ourselves, and to God.

Light attracts light, and Charlotte’s guest authors and contributors offer heartfelt personal stories that teach and illustrate true principles of divine communication, faith, and forgiveness. The reader will encounter familiar themes of sorrow, despair, discouragement, and anger, and witness how the authors implemented the spiritual keys Charlotte describes to overcome their trials.

I invite you to continue turning the pages and allow Charlotte into your life to help you on your personal journey to live spiritually strong.

Meg Johnson

Motivational Speaker and Author

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