Welcome to Day 1 of the Clear, Connect, Create 30 Day Program! Your first video is below!

Below you will find a button to download the PDF for Daily Inspired Action steps. Please print 30 so you have one for each day. If you haven't listened to the audio yet, do that today- it has instruction on the Daily Inspired Action Steps process. As a review the basic steps are: 

  • Write 3-5 categories you want to focus on, strengthen or move forward (spiritual, family, business, fitness, etc..).
  • Pray for guidance and simple actions steps to complete during the day in each category- write it down then complete it during the day.
  • Return and report your successes (or weaknesses) with Heavenly Father at the end of the day.

Simple, right?! Success doesn't have to be complicated! Now, go connect and create and have an inspired day today!!