In the video I talk about belief becoming a knowing when it comes to faith. You may be thinking, "How can my belief turn to knowledge?" 

A couple of years ago I was reading the definition of faith in the bible dictionary. As I read I discovered a pattern- a 3 step process for strengthening faith. I call it the Faith Cycle (see attached image). First you must act on faith, then you gain confirming experiences or experiences that tell you what you're doing is right, then your faith grows. Then you start the cycle over again, acting in faith, gaining confirming experiences then your faith increases even more. Like paying a tithe offering to the Lord. You pay it, you see that you are blessed, your testimony of it strengthens. So you pay it again, you receive more blessings or the Holy Spirit testifies to you that what you did was good, and your testimony of this inspired principle is strengthened even more. If you continue to repeat this cycle over and over again your belief in the principle would eventually turn to knowing. 

This is how our belief can turn to knowledge. By acting by the power of faith over and over again in our lives. It takes time and consistency, but this type of faith is so powerful! In the talkLord, Increase Our Faith, John K Carmack explains, “Faith as a principle of power continues to operate when the belief part of faith has grown to knowledge and caused that aspect of faith to become dormant. Such faith is a great tool to do the Lord’s work. Men and women can grow in spirituality to the point that they can do mighty things in the cause of the Lord, and when they do them, they operate by the power of faith.”

Miracles are on your horizon. Move forward in faith today!