You've had a couple of weeks now to practice asking, receiving, and taking action on inspired action steps. I hope you've been able to learn some important things about yourself and your divine relationships. Now it's time to take this tool to the next level and really use it to help you to create specific goals. The impossible is possible with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and angels as our partners. 

If you don't know what goal you should choose, this would be a great time to ask for guidance on that. In my experience, often times we get to make a decision and choose our goals and dreams then we allow the space for heaven to guide us along the way. Be open to adjusting, be open to new possibilities. What's really cool about this, as you are open to new ideas Heavenly Father can help you create something far beyond what you could have ever imagined!! But it all first begins with a goal and taking one step at a time to get there. You're awesome, thank you for being here and giving yourself the gift of this journey!!