Research has indicated that one hormone the pineal gland secretes is dimethyltryptamine (or DMT). It is believed that DMT contributes to the effects of natural dreaming, spiritual visions, near death experiences and other spiritual experiences. The calcification of this gland inhibits our ability to rise to higher spiritual levels. I found many different ways to detox this gland. Some of my favorites (and the most practical for me) are listed below:

  • Get lots of sunshine and sleep in the darkest room possible. Both are important for proper pineal function.
  • Drink liquid chlorophyl or citrus (lemon/lime) water daily- some of natures most powerful and effective detoxifiers.
  • Avoid fluoride (like in tap water and toothpaste) mercury and chlorine.These chemicals are toxic and add to the calcification of the pineal.
  • Eat a whole food, plant based diet. A diet high in raw, healthy food is full of nutrients and antioxidants as well as free of the other kinds of toxins (pesticides, additives, artificial sweeteners, growth hormones and antibiotics found in meat and dairy, etc...) that also contribute to toxicity of the pineal.
  • Use essential oils. The nose is a direct path to the brain and pineal. To stimulate spiritual states of awareness try sandalwood, clary sage, helichrysum, pine, myrrh, and my personal favorite oil, frankincense.
  • Clear/heal negative emotions. It is not sufficient to cleanse the pineal physically and ignore the emotional or spiritual state of your being. Negativity in these areas can "metaphysically calcify" the pineal and have the same effect as chemicals on the gland.
  • Do the visualization and the yoga pose as described in the video to open and clear this vital spiritual element.

Being in this program you're already well on your way to a healthy, happy pineal gland! Cleansing and detoxifying this important part of you is a personal journey. Pray and ask to be guided to what methods are best for you, but I suggest adopting them all!