The principle I taught was making a decision and committing to that decision. I wanted to note that I understand that there are those that need time to make decisions. I respect that sometimes a person needs to gather the details or weigh in the options and this process is necessary, especially when making important decisions. If this is you, it is OK!

In this situation what I suggest you do is give yourself a deadline that the decision has to be made. What I see people do is take days, weeks, months and even longer in the name of making sure all the details are worked out or analyzing all aspects. So especially if you have the tendency to do this you need this message. Say to yourself, I'm going to have my decision made by 3 pm today, or by Friday at 9 am, or something like that. That way you can honor your need for taking the time to make the right decision but you're not allowing yourself to drag out the process.

his is important as you are making goals to move forward. I can't tell you how HUGE it was for me when I really got after this principle. The indecisive energy will not get you where you want to go. Ditch the indecision, commit and achieve!