Wow- all I have to say is this message must be SO important because I received so much opposition to get it out to you!! From my mind going totally blank right in the middle of the first attempt at recording, to my video editing programs and computer not working properly- it's been the most interesting video to get to you for sure. To me that shows the extreme importance. When I receive opposition like that I KNOW it's life altering information!

Because the topic of healing your relationship with God can be complex due to differing backgrounds and situations I've created a file on the Facebook page with several people's insight into how they were able to heal this relationship and come closer to their Heavenly parents. If you have something to add on how you've overcome and healed in this way, please let me know!

Even if you feel you're "good" with God, I invite you to take a closer look and ask if there is anything holding you back from having a closer relationship. My hope is that with these resources and the guidance of the spirit you will be able to gain insight into your situation so you can truly heal within yourself and build self love and trust so you can love and trust our Heavenly Father and know Him on a more intimate level. A glorious endeavor!