WAHOO!! You made it to day 30! Today is all about CELEBRATING the small and big steps you've made throughout the last 30 days. I mentioned using music- one of my very favorite ways to celebrate life. Play an inspiring song today and dance in celebration! (PS little kids love this if you've got them around!) If you need help with a song to celebrate here is one of my favorites!


Thank you again for being a part of this program! I would LOVE to know about your experience. Send me a message on Facebook or email! I hope to be able to continue to help you learn and grown and develop and nurture your divine communication. 

I want to tell you, Father in Heaven loves you beyond anything you can imagine. He's so proud of you for caring enough to take such effort in coming closer to Him. I invite you to journal today about your experience- your successes, your struggles and how you want to continue to improve. Then be sure to do your Daily Inspired Action Steps and at the end of the day pray to our loving Father in Heaven to CELEBRATE with you!!