The video says it all, but I'll reiterate how much I LOVE being in nature to connect with God, remind me of my amazing blessings and create an ideal space to ponder, pray, reflect and learn. Use this beautiful gift- get outside and connect to God and nature!

(A PS side note story is below and with my favorite picture from today's adventures. This pic was taken in the same spot my husband and I shot 10 years earlier on our 1 year wedding anniversary. So special!)

My daughter (8 at the time of this writing) is the most loving, giving little girl I've ever met. I taught her how to bring heaven and earth energy through her body, like I taught in one of the first videos, because she has a tendency to give so much she gets drained. I wanted to teach her she doesn't have to give her energy away, she can channel heaven and earth energy, or love from them, to people so she can stay energized (a nice trick I've learned because of all the energy work I do on my clients). She is so sweet- after I taught her she would sometimes notice my high stress level and tell me to stop what I'm doing, close my eyes and with her hands bring down heaven energy into my space. It really makes me feel better, it's amazing! 

During our hike this daughter was getting really tired and feeling drained so I asked her if I could fill her up with some energy. She said yes, so I did the heaven energy/earth energy tool with her. I was surprised (shouldn't have been) that in that beautiful space in nature the energy vibration was so high and so available! I felt like it was shooting through her little body so fast and strong. She felt better after and was able to complete the hike just fine. It was really awesome! Another testament to me of the incredible space nature holds for our healing.